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Lessons-Call now to get started! 317-331-3551

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the first of three aspects in a ballroom dance education that we have outlined for you here, and we believe they are the most important.  They are the core of the learning process.  Private lessons allow us to address your specific needs as well as focus on whatever dances may be of interest to you. 

In order for you to know whether we are the right teachers for you, we have an introductory package that just lets you try out our teaching style without a big financial commitment.  That package is:

  2 private lessons, 1 group, and 1 party for $75!


Once you have completed this package, we will give you more info about how to proceed.  Remember, we don't require contracts, so you have total freedom in your future decisions!

Group Classes

Phase two of our system is group class. Group classes are a great supplement to private lessons.  It's a perfect way to add hours more of experience without a lot of pressure on your finances!

Rob teaches group classes at the Monon Center in Carmel on Friday nights.  Practically all of these classes are geared towards beginners.  

Rob also teaches group classes on Wednesday's at Riolo in downtown Indy.  At 6:00 is a class for absolute beginners. At 7:00 is an intermediate/advanced ballroom technique class.  Neither class is part of a series so you can join at any time!

At all the locations (Indy,  Noblesville, and Carmel), we offer private groups.  This means that if you have a group from work or church or just a group of friends we can teach a custom class catered to you!  Visit the contact page for specific locations. 


The final phase of our three part learning process is practice.  Practice is important in order to cement what you learn in your lessons.

We have provided several free videos of the basic three steps in several dances on this website.  Once you have had your first few lessons, you will likely get home to discover you can't remember certain steps.  Don't worry!  These videos will remind you, and they may give you some additional tips too!  Keep your eyes out for more videos in the future.

Riolo offers parties almost every weekend for you to practice your moves!  We play a wide variety of music from 8:30-10:30 on most Saturdays. 

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